Christmas New York – A Holiday Romance

Christmas New York – A Heartwarming Christmas Romance Novelette

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Macy Thompson goes out with her four best friends one mid-December night to help one of them get over a bad breakup. Little does she know that the club they choose to drown poor Tara’s sorrows in has a new visitor, who is about to steal her heart. Macy has been burned before, and is cautious in love, but when she sees handsome, friendly Joshua goofing off on the dance floor, her friends encourage her to take a chance. As their slow-burn love affair unfolds, Macy has high hopes—but her new lover Josh is carrying secrets with him that she can’t guess at, but will soon put their new relationship at risk.

 Flighty but ethical playboy Joshua Evanston is just looking for a one night stand when he meets Macy, and finds his priorities shifting. A sweet, loving, thoughtful woman with a real interest in him, she has him thinking of the one thing he’s never wanted with a woman before: commitment. As they enjoy the Christmas season together, there’s one thing he’s not telling her: he is the son of a real estate billionaire—one who is about to end up in very hot water.

 Their relationship takes a turn when Joshua’s father ends up threatened by the local Mob, who want protection money. Only able to tell her that his father’s life is at risk, Joshua goes to Macy for comfort—and they make love for the first time. But the next day, Josh disappears—leaving Macy heartbroken and convinced that she was played into bed by a clever rake. Little does she know that the mobsters, instead of killing Joshua’s father, have decided to convince him to pay up by holding Joshua hostage! He’s got the best excuse ever for not calling—but now, his life is in danger. It will take Josh’s very own Christmas miracle to win him his freedom—and give him a second chance with Macy.