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Welcome to the website of Frank Robinson: Songwriter, musician, artist and author.

Frank Robinson

I write songs in many different genres and promote my country songs under the alias of Mountain Rio. All Mountain Rio songs are recorded in Nashville by producer Stacy Hogan and feature the wonderful vocals of Mike Lusk.

Other aliases I release my songs under are Athenos, The Amazing Doctor Love, Tinsel, Mixed Bag, The Snowmen and Franchesco De Rosa. All of my songs are released on my own Mountain Rio label and are available to purchase from major download stores.

I have had a number of chart entries in The Official European Independent Music Chart, which is based on the amount of air play received by a song.The highest position reached to date was in December 2015 when ‘Babes’, a pop/dance track, featuring The Amazing Doctor Love, reached number two.
In July 2016 ‘Lazing In The Summer Sun’ featuring Athenos reached number 7.

As well as writing songs I am the author of a number of books and these are listed below.All of my books are available from the Amazon Kindle store.

At the start of January 2019 I released an album called ‘Progressive House Instrumentals’ which is a collection of  Progressive House Instrumentals featuring Franchesco De Rosa. 

In December 2019 ‘Christmas Festa’ and ‘Festive Fun’, two EDM Christmas instrumentals, were released by Franchesco De Rosa’

In September 2020 ‘Bobby and Jackie’ a tribute to footballing brothers and legends Jack and Bobby Charlton was released with all UK proceeds  going to DementiaUK. 

Childrens Animal Adventure Books: (available from amazon kindle store)

‘The Adventures Of Bobby The Bedlington Terrier, Bobby And The Kidnapped Plot’.
‘The Adventures Of Bobby The Bedlington Terrier, Bobby And The UFO’.
‘The Adventures Of Bobby The Bedlington Terrier, Bobby And The Disguised Woman’

Romance Books: (available from amazon kindle store)

‘Wedding Day Romance’

‘New York Christmas’

You can hear some of my music, see a selection of my videos and read about the books I have written, on this web site.

More of my music can be heard at:


Contact: robinson.f1@live.co.uk

Twitter: MountainRioLabel@FRANKRO97718449