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Into The Traveller’s World

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Into The Traveller’s World is a sci-fi story based on the unique experiences of Caleb Kenneth who gets a once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit another Universe with a man called the Traveller.

Enchanted by Caleb’s ipod and the song playing on it, the Traveller invites him into his universe for a day to let his fellow citizens know about the music.Strangely, Silveroaks is a community that has been known for it’s perfection, but no one there has ever known or heard of any tunes.Surprised, Caleb makes it his ambition to introduce the residents of Silveroaks to music.But someone is not happy about Caleb’s mission and is doing everything in his power to stop Caleb.

Will the evil institutions run by Mr Hilred, the Commander-in-chief-of Silveroaks be able to stop Caleb in his mission or will Caleb, despite all the odds, accomplish his mission with the help of his friend before his time is up.

A story that will leave you on the edge of your seats wondering what will happen next.It is a young mans struggle to fight against the institutions with only music as his weapon.Into The Travellers World - Landing Page